[READ ME] How to Appeal a Mute or Ban (updated)
Good day! If you are reading this post then that means that you or a loved one have been diagnosed with muted, gagged, silenced, or banned. 

Before posting the appeal:

Do not directly contact an admin regarding your appeal.
Do it here via an appeal; seriously there is a system to appealing a punishment and it just makes our lives harder having people being approached with regarding their appeals.

Make sure your account is public and not set to private or friends-only:
It will be harder to review appeals of private steam profiles.

Title of the post must include your steam name followed by the type of punishment you are appealing for followed by your SteamID32
for example: 

Blade Storm Sakuya's Mute appeal STEAM_0:1:41860631

This makes our lives easier when investigating users who tend to change their steam username a lot (like me lol) You can find your steamID on Steamrep or on our sourcebans page

When creating the appeal

Please provide us a steamrep block on your profile. It can be found on steamrep as well by looking up your steam ID

For Example:

| steamname: Boner Testicle Nut Blast
|  steam3ID: [U:1:83721263]
| steamID32: STEAM_0:1:41860631
| steamID64:
| customURL:
|  steamrep:

Things to consider when writing the appeal:

Why have you been Banned / Muted / Gagged / Silenced?
Provide sufficient detail as to why you have been given the punishment, most of the people who handle these cases are not at the scene of the crime nor have any background information regarding the incident. If you believe that the punishment was made by mistake or unfairly due to administrative bias, you may include it here, too. 

Why do you think you should be Unbanned / -muted / -gagged / -silenced?
please state the reason why you feel you should be unbanned/unmuted 

Tips when creating an appeal:

Make sure your appeal is clear and easy to read and follows the above format
We will give you time to fix and reformat the appeal to conform with our guidelines, otherwise it will be automatically denied.

Please provide a good explanation and true evidence about what happened and why you should be unmuted/unbanned.  
You may be asked to provide a better explanation for a part of your appeal or pictures and screenshots. When submitting screenshots please submit unedited versions of them shared directly from steam. (unedited as in uncropped and without any special effects such as arrows drawn on the picture for example). They will be considered invalid if we deem them to be modified in a way that would unfairly influence the appeal.

Please check back regularly in the event we require further questions or more evidence, otherwise the appeal will be closed after a certain period of non-communication.

Please be friendly and respectful in your appeal
No one want's to deal with a big hate message that explains why they should be unbanned/unmuted! It also will make it less likely for your appeal to be investigated in a timely manner.

Do not multi-post
Flooding the forums with your appeals will not make your case processed any faster. In fact it will further delay your case because of the multiple appeals we have to go through. 

We will try to respond to your appeals as soon as we can to the best of our abilities. Because the appeal has to be investigated and reviewed by more than one person and the severity of the cases vary, do not expect the appeal to be answered or processed within a few minutes or an hour. Thank you for your patience!

-Blade Storm Sakuya

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