[DENIED] [F2P]Fabio Flintstone's Permanent Mute.
Why were you muted?; Fake Advertisements.
Next, why do you think you should be unmuted?; I believe that I didn't truly fake advertise because I did sell stranges and vintages, if you want proof of that you can ask Superfly a Mod on the server for proof (He bought a Vintage Sandvich) What I believe I got muted for was a misunderstandment of my former advertisement that was fake but the rules didn't state that it was illegal back then(Selling a strange scattergun with around 8500 kills for about 26'5 keys) as I implied I changed to doing the ''Selling stranges and vintages for around whatever I feel like''. 
Do you promise to stop doing whatever got you in trouble?; Yes I will stop advertising items in a silly manner.
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