[APPROVED] Appeal Mute
Why were you muted?: Baiting mutes/racism
Next, why do you think you should be unmuted?: The golden rule is too subjective for Black Mass to use on me because of how i've messed with him in the past. If any rule used to justify my mute is “no racism” but that's a stretch. TL;DR Black Mass’s feelings got in the way to an objective mute.
Do you promise to stop doing whatever got you in trouble?: I don't believe
I did anything wrong so I’ll act like I normally will, even though Black Mass does like how I act on the server.

Woahhhhhhhhhhh part 2!!!!
Also I wouldn't mind my mutes being reset because I don't come on daily and cause  any trouble. The only mutes I think are justified are the Interrupting adverts but that's nothing to escalate mutes on. 
[Image: kjrmlah.gif]
Closing this thread; Seems like you were only muted for a week and the mute has been automatically lifted.

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