[DENIED] Form submission: Moderator Application
This is Yamashita btw Smile

What do you bring to the table that others don't?: I bring the power of 100 suns. Just kidding I bring to the table my determination to make the server a better place for everyone. A safe haven, a place where you are can forget about politics, racism, global warming, etc where there is no salt. Just a place where you can unwind and trade. Also I will get a mic if I actually get selected for moderator.

Do you have a microphone?: No

How much time can you dedicate to moderating every week?: Friday-Sunday, 8:30-12 pm CST

What is the most important problem on the server to you?: The biggest problem on the server is the microphone. People are constantly abusing it and playing earrape and that is not a pleasant thing to hear at 1 in the morning while wearing headphones.
Sometimes others obliviously eat their mics and talk really loudly too. People are also using the microphone to say offensive things like the n-word or arguing with others. Talking over ads also needs to be enforced more.

Another minor problem is racist or inappropriate sprays or signs. People are trading obscene signs to minors. We need to think about the minors on the server. 18 U.S.C. § 1470 states that the transferring of obscene material to minors is illegal and is a felony. I know there is no way we can really enforce this but this is just an issue I find on the server

A regular on the server is flaming you or another moderator for muting them for inciting arguments. They spam chat and continue to change their name to bully admins.: First I would try to calm down both sides and get the regular to comply. I do not care if he is a regular I will treat him the same as everyone else of the server. If he proceeds to continue using racial slurs or harassment of the moderator and not comply I proceed to gag/mute him. I do not tolerate racism or any other form of harassment. If he uses an alt account to continue with this I will discuss with other admins a suitable punishment depending on the problem.

Player A starts a spycrab with Player B. Afterwards, Player A complains Player B ran from said spycrab.: First I would calm player A down and assure I'll do everything in my power to help him.

If I was not in the server

If I wasn't there I would ask the people who witnessed it and get an idea of the situation. If I can manage to get player b to have a word with me and try to get him to comply. If he was in fact guilty of running I will kindly ask him to return the items or smite him with the ban hammer and warn other servers about a runner (this is a bluff I would never abuse admin power like this)

If I was there

I would do the same as  above and then judge who is in the wrong and proceed with whatever needs to be done.

A player has generally suspicious aim, but owns several Unusuals that indicate they might not be hacking.: First I would calm everyone down and attempt to deescalate  
the situation to the best of my ability.

Afterwards I will determine if the person is using aim bot or other aim assisting programs from past  experiences with seeing them on other servers.
If they are just really good I will let him proceed on with his heads hotting but maybe tell him to tune it down a bit if the situation calls for it.

If I judge him to be actually hacking, I will follow whatever protocol the staff have in place for dealing with hackers and proceed to remove him from the server.

What is your SteamID?: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Katazumi/



Apologies, but your application did not make it through. Please reapply when possible Smile

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