[SUBMITTED] Form submission: Artists, Musicians, and Film Creators Application
What do you bring to the table that others don't?: What I bring to the table that others don't bring is... I am always willing to help and guide new members on the server! I'm also a good listener! Therefore I can listen to the problem and solve it quick!

What mediums are you capable of?: I'm good at video! I am also good with member support! Big Grin

How much time are you able to spend on a project?: I am willing to spend at the least 1 hour. but the most I would spend is 14

Explain a little bit about your past personal projects. We require a link to at least one of your projects.: I do not have a link to my project but I have done a 6 minute SFM

Anything else?: Nope that's all! Big Grin

What is your SteamID?: 76561198397961141

Can you please present some of your works?

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