[DENIED] Steamrep Ban Appeal
Hello. I wish to appeal my ban on NGS servers due to a steamrep ban that occured December 6, 2015. My appeal is still under review (needs more info), and hasn't been confirmed nor denied yet. 


In late 2015, I was friends with some pretty big scammers, and I was convinced to give it a shot. I pulled a trick on Spill - Senpai where I offered to broker, then kept and sold the item instead, which was a popular scam in my friend group at the time. It was the only scam I had ever done, and I payed him back shortly within a month when I realized that it was a terrible thing to do. I payed my victim back more than what I scammed, and he was satisfied, and remained friends with me for the next couple of years. I am no longer friends with the people who used to show me how to scam, who also pulled the same brokering scam on me shortly after. Here is that report:

Since then, I've held a clean record, and have done nothing but follow rules on servers, and trade honestly, which I intend on doing from now on. I have continued to play Team Fortress 2, and I've taken pride in being part of both trading and competitive communities, while racking up 3150 hours (as of the date of this appeal) . NGS servers were always a great place to meet people and to make good trade deals. And I can't wait to hopefully enjoy Neogenesis servers in the future. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my appeal!
Please take your appeal to SteamRep. Our community does not accept SteamRep marked scammers.

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