[DENIED] Steamrep Bann: Appeal
Hello, I am appealing my current ban on NGS servers due to a Steamrep Ban that had happened November 18th, 2012. My appeal stood "Pending" for six years and was denied about a month ago. This is the appeal to steamrep
the situation is as is in the appeal made to them in 2013. I scammed someones items (as admited in the appeal)  and then paid them back plus extra and in the appeal the guy commented, confirmed, and forgave me for what had happened. Also, as far as community reputation I was and still are friends with highly respected leaders and moderators. This is a link to an appeal SpicyCandy made, the Co Owner of FireFriendly and a CSGOrep moderator, vouched for me in this appeal he made when we were friends and was so because my due diligence in rebuilding my reputation after this event had occurred.
Though his appeal got accepted mine did not as about a month ago. 6 almost 7 years later. I have proof of transactions outside of steam and friends willing to verify those transactions. Obviously, in some situations a label does not present discernment. Although I do not want to contact Spicy because I respect his status as his service to the tf2,csgo, and FoG communities, but if upon review of my appeal, I'm sure without a doubt Spicy would still back up what he said about me in his appeal years ago. 
Thank you for the time you've taken to review my appeal and I do so hope that I can enjoy and be a part of the neogenesisnetwork. Again, Thank you, 

Please take your appeal to SteamRep. Our community does not accept SteamRep marked scammers.

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