[DENIED] Form submission: Moderator Application
What do you bring to the table that others don't?: I dont know if it is uniqe but i already got scammed 3 times loosing about $150+ I call it uniqe because even though I fall for scams, I don't want other traders like me to fall into the same situition, even though I get scammed, I get over it, I tell myself every day, when I remember the moments of my scam, "It was in the past ,Dragon, I have to worry about the future and my fellow traders."

Do you have a microphone?: Yes

How much time can you dedicate to moderating every week?: Friday-Sunday, 8 am-7 pm EST

What is the most important problem on the server to you?: Racial slurs, hackers, scammers, spycrab runners, beggers, bullies, and earrapers

A regular on the server is flaming you or another moderator for muting them for inciting arguments. They spam chat and continue to change their name to bully admins.: I give them a warning, and tell them to stop, if they continue, i will give them another warning about getting banned on the 3rd time they will be banned

Player A starts a spycrab with Player B. Afterwards, Player A complains Player B ran from said spycrab.: Ask the 2 players what they were spycrabbing , ask who won , and ask the looser to trade the winner for the items they crabbed and if player A doesn't comply, they get a ban desired to the event , and if i found out that player A is lying, and only wanted more items from player B with the help of the moderators, i will give them a warning and a short ban.

A player has generally suspicious aim, but owns several Unusuals that indicate they might not be hacking.: If i find out that a player has suspicious aim, i will go to spectator mode and see they are seeing if i still grow suspicious of them , then i will go to the other team and go scout, i will keep on moving in random directions, if they headshot me clean i will ban them depending on the type of hacking they are using , another option i might use, is go spy with cloak and dagger, and go invis infront of them or go within of them seeing me, if they headshot me will im cloaked or try to bump into me to show that they see me invis they will be banned for hacking.

What is your SteamID?: steamname: DragonOasis
| steam3ID: [U:1:334511485]
| steamID32: STEAM_0:1:167255742
| steamID64:
| steamrep:

Application failed with an overall score of 4.5 (of 7) via popular vote.

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