How much pure would be enough to get a donator role?
Im just curious how much pure is enough, thanks!
Hey Koala, sorry for the late reply! Our current donator program is as follows:

Donator (Keys / $2 Paypal):
- 2 months of donator for each pure key that you donate.
- Choice of either a Store Credit Cache or VIP Mana.
- Store Credit Caches are calculated as (2500 * {number of keys donated} * {ref price of a key})
- The VIP Mana acts like a health bar that starts at 0, and for each key that you donate, you fill up the healthbar by 20 health. Once you reach 100 health you get VIP!

VIP (permadonor):
- Obtained through above donator program.

Any other item:
- This also includes metal and cosmetics/unusuals/games. Gets converted to Store Credit Cache, where for each trade:
- If the total worth is less than a key: (2000 * {ref price of all items})
- If the total worth is greater than or equal to a key: (2500 * {ref price of all items})

What a doozie XD Let me know if there's anything I can clear up or any suggestions for how you would like donator to work because typing that all out made me realize it's quite the system!

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