[DENIED] Ban Appeal for ProRussianMan
I have been IP banned and perma banned when other members of NGS can walk freely saying the n-word and being total douchebags...

One of the reasons for my ban was because I was trading? One of them was for quoting NGS members for saying the n-word and being total racists! I don't understand why this bias against me? (Is it because I'm russian?) And I hope you will consider the fact this was 2 years ago! Many things come and go, many things change and I hope NGS doesn't have the same racists it had!

I've seen and heard an admin say the n-word and when I called them out they perma silenced me because they knew I was right!

Name: ProRussianMan
Steam profile link:

Steam ID: 76561198070514225
There's a lot to unpack in your appeal, but I'm going to start off with the first piece of information that stood out, which was your topic statement.
Most of what you said is misleading and is not why you were banned. You were banned by NGS's in-game Console for being a duplicate account of someone who (I'm assuming) was banned prior. This ban, in particular, was actually invoked on January of this year, so it couldn't have been two years ago.

Secondly, we have a strict policy on racism in NGS, and our administration has made it clear that any act of racism within our servers will be treated with a swift punishment that can range up to a permanent ban. Throughout my time in NGS, I have never seen or heard a member of our own administration call others out using homophobic slurs like what you say. And if they did, then I am positively certain that those specific unnamed individuals were reprimanded accordingly.

Since this is an appeal and you've failed to see through the point of appealing in the first place, I'll have no choice but to deny this under the grounds of giving misleading information. You may request for another repeal in one (1) month from today.

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