[DENIED] Server unmute/ungag and remove name ban
I was muted muted and gagged  for spamming mic and chat. I realise that now it was childish of me to do this and I was just messing about, I plan to play, act and behave sensibly, I now understand  that NGS  is pretty much the only server I now play on and to actually trade I need to be unmuted/ungagged etc.

I apologise to all staff and players who I have been a pain to and I realise my mistakes and my attitude has improved since I was muted etc.

Thank you for reading,

Please include your SteamID.
#3 should be it.

Apologies for not including it the first time.
You have several micspam/slur warnings and mutes in your record that go as far back as six months ago. You were muted 20 times in one month. I apologize, but you've clearly abused your privilege to speak in our servers, and these actions are entirely justified.

Your appeal is denied. You may re-appeal in two (2) months from today.

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