[APPROVED] Form submission: Moderator Application
What do you bring to the table that others don't?: A willingness to see NGS strive and still be the server I know it can be, a sense of will and drive to help loosen the load of the others administration, as well as being "one of the guys" but knowing the line of work and play, the understanding of what to look for and what to do in situations. NGS is one of the very few servers I feel are top at what it does, the community is a very nice and pleasant place to be along with people who are new and can really join at any time and be considered what I call this place. A family.

Do you have a microphone?: Yes.

How much time can you dedicate to moderating every week?: I don't really have a schedule, I can always be on, I am starting a job soon however, and I'll update this as I know more.

What is the most important problem on the server to you?: Mostly for me, because I have made this a very vocal thing I care about, racism and people teetering the line of the rules, and knowing them but still choosing to be "that guy". Mostly people who have been on the servers, who know the rules, and disregard them. To add to this, I find people talking over advertisements and blatantly being unreasonable and not taking their warnings and walking away but instead arguing. I feel I would be more of a person to be the one to talk down arguments or people being unreasonable.

A regular on the server is flaming you or another moderator for muting them for inciting arguments. They spam chat and continue to change their name to bully admins.
I wouldn't necessarily be one to take well to harassment to my fellow moderators or staff of any kind. I'm a very friendly guy and easy to get a long with but if it comes to someone continuously be "that guy" I would basically just mute/gag them for the time being.  Harassmen is not something I deal kindly to, if they continue to do it, with other admins present, collude with them (admin) to come together on a punishment for said player.

Player A starts a spycrab with Player B. Afterwards, Player A complains Player B ran from said spycrab.: I have two answers to this question.

A) If I weren't present, I would talk to the people who were and get a consensus of what happened and , if I can get a hold of the other side, get their side and then take the appropriate actions to the case by taking in all the variables and being able to make a good decision.

B) If I were present, I would again, get both sides of the equation and look to see if there were any people watching or any bystanders, take what I know and then make action accordingly.

A player has generally suspicious aim, but owns several Unusuals that indicate they might not be hacking.: First, unusuals =/= skill. I would spectate them and it they were toggling or locking on to a player, ban.

I generally know what to look for with pass experiences with cheaters and the like, I know what to look for even if it was a silent cheat, ive been around the block a few times and know how to deal with it.

If the player just seemed to be really good, I would continue to look at their play and judge when I felt I had seen enough.  

What is your SteamID?:

Application accepted with an overall score of 8.9 (of 7) via popular vote.

Congratulations! Please send a direct message to "BioHelix" over the NGS Discord upon reading this message.

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