[APPROVED] Arnold Schwarzenegger's (Kizzy's) ban appeal
Hi all. This is a ban appeal for my main steam account ( STEAM_0:0:26216347 )

From what I understand, the issues surrounding the ban and the soundboard usage have been discussed internally with staff. I have spoken to some staff and have been given some reccommendations of the conduct, usage of the soundboards and alt accounts.

Why am I banned?

The bans come from persistent micspam with soundboards and incorrigible use of alt accounts to circumvent bans and mutes/gags.

Instead of appealing the bans or waiting them out, there was the creation of a massive number of alt accounts and announcing the return with taunting quotes. This happened to such an extent that the mods were unsure what to do because of the imminent return with an alt account.

Why should I be unbanned?

Mitigating factors: Soundboard usage was in jest & with no real intent of causing offense or harm to others. No real intent of causing major disruption or damages to the reputation of the community. Trade discussion interruptions were unintended. Some interesting and fluent conversations have been had with Arnold soundboard, to player's amusement.

As previously mentioned, staff have been spoken to and have given a general guideline over soundboard usage:

1: No interrupting trading discussion on voice chat.
2: No music (Unless DJ status granted)
3: No continual spam of the same lines or loud/overly long samples.
4: No circumventing mutes issued by staff or the votemute system by using alt accounts, or using alt accounts under any circumstances.

Aggregating factors: Complaints by players from overuse of soundboard samples met with angry response and insulting soundboard samples until warnings were issued. Warnings were generally met with hostile response and sound clips were used in a way to dare the staff to initiate a ban "Come and get me/I'll be back". Bans were circumvented with use of alt accounts and staff were taunted with soundboard sample remarks upon return. Refusal to stop after numerous bans.


With the soundboard usage guideline in practice I believe there would be no major issues apart from the occasional player annoyed that a real voice is not used. Efforts to come to a compromise have been made and consideration in creating an unbiased ban appeal highlighting both the good and the bad of the situation. Creating more alt accounts to bypass the appealing phase would be much easier and more convenient but an effort has been made to offer genuine apologies due to the respect for the staff that were spoken to, of whom dealt with the situation in a professional manner and offered a compromise.
Your appeal is accepted. You clearly show remorse for your actions, and that you are willing to move forward in an acceptable manner.

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