[DENIED] Mann's Permamute Appeal
Reason: I do not know the reason for the mute with certainty. Flakkets (or another staff member) checked Sourcebans and couldn't pinpoint when and why I was permamuted. I believe the permamute has something to do with micspam/chatspam.

Appeal: Because I don't remember the events that took place before I was muted, I can't give you a specific background story that supports my appeal. I do believe the mute was done with good reason, but the length is awfully long for someone who had rarely broken the rules beforehand. It's been several months if not more since I was muted. I fucked around a lot back then, and I didn't really think I would be permamuted at the time. I apologize for any problems I might have caused.

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:51474715

Your appeal is denied. You may request a repeal after 1 month.
EDIT: After careful reconsideration, I've decided to upgrade the repeal to 3 months (93 days after today (11/12/2018)).

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