The NGS Dumpling Olympics
1: Needs a theme song, which I have made!
2: Needs a name like, The NGS Dumpling Olympics or The Dumpling Games.
3: Needs more accurate profile pictures.
4: Needs some EPIC artwork to advertise it Wink
5: Auueehh!
6: Needs a prize to be handed out to the winner. I can
 give lots of Unturned items that were dumped on me
 even though I don't have the game.
7: dirdhtbxny8egfi7q3hg,9riueurgfx3vuereuryn4uhgu4i5hrmtg4iuc,9384hmg5ihd,8ouhd4o5yutrhmd93iudhtmrgiue5hrmiue93m54itud4o85igutmse83gyud749uythmd84our3ourygc89m4ucrgm08cv4hutv,094cihgd9euoy4hg89x4uh5g89huegheuixhughuezee347fhtv4rigncviyxrgc3nyfgvuxhxrb43gy4dxeonr48gutvriuekbx4iucrjbg euxbn4ji5gurhfmihbc4iuhg,uixuzgmiu4gr3hfx47ygnumb3m... TO BE CONTINUED!

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I dun get it

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