I was talking in the server on the 30th of July, around 2 in the morning when I was suddenly told to shut up by none other than the moderator mentioned in the title, Psycho™. I became very confused and asked why, no answer. So I continued on talking like nothing had happened. When all seemed well I was suddenly met by a warning in the s,_csay 'god' chat not to talk over trades personally addressed to me. So I proceeded to ask 4 different times who I had spoken over and multiple times I blatantly stated I heard no trade ad. I was muted without an answer for an entire hour. Normally the mute should have been 30 minutes but complications led him to mute me for longer. Only after I asked a 5th and final time in the chat since I was no longer able to use my microphone, I was told I had talked over two trade adverts by someone. This person I had client-side muted for quite some time. It felt unjust for him to mute me just because I had someone muted,  but in the end, things were resolved and no hard feelings are held.

You said how this issue was already resolved in the last sentence of your paragraph, and prior to that, said that you had one (or more) people muted that were attempting to trade, and that you were speaking over them. This is not at the fault of the person you were moderated by. You did not take the moderator's warning into account, and were reprimanded appropriately.

Report dismissed.

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