Tips and tricks
At first you don't succeed, try again. Wisdom from old men. Berd scoot does not work anymore. If you have a strange hunger pain, then you probably want subway. If your piss is very yellow, drink more water. Look both ways everywhere you go. Don't go to Iraq. Don't go to Africa. Don't go to the shady part of Brazil. If your in a plane always have a jet pack at hand. If you are camping and you here stuff moving it's probably raccoons stealing everything you have. Always search communism on google. Auueehhh!

Those were some tips to help you in life.

Here is an example of a "No Life."
[Image: wtf-shrek.jpg]
Here is a family friendly video about aueehhh!

What have I done!
I've never been more afraid and joyous but mostly afraid in my life.

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