Staff Rules
Alright, going to post my current copy of the Staff Rules we are writing up. Tell me how this sounds.

  1. Regular rules will apply to you (as expected), with an increased severity of punishment than regular players (while regular players can't be demoted, breaking rules as staff can result in a loss of position and regular punishment.)
  2. Practice forgiveness, politeness, and common sense. Toxicity or tyranny in any position will result in a slap on the wrist and escalated punishment. Be the person your dog thinks you are, and treat others the same, no matter how they attack you. A loss of position may occur based solely on your inability to work in a team due to solvable differences and manufactured drama.
  3. (MUST BE DISCUSSED) For Marketers (and other applicable staff): From now on, there will be clear consequences for not completing assignments due by certain dates. Assignments will always be relevant, and your team depends on you to finish your segment and meet the end deadline.
  4. For Administration: When using the Golden Rule, be sure to first discuss it with another member of staff (doesnt have to be an admin) to make sure you are thinking in the best interest of the community. You may be asked to present evidence of these conversations, so be prepared. (Additionally, be sure to consult with different people, so as to get different views each time and a general sense of what our community wants.)
  5. Recreational admin commands may not be used on non-staff. Do not take requests to use powers on other people, unless in the case of an organized, agreed-upon event.
  6. You may not hold events personally, but may assist events organized by other members. The thinking behind this is that it prevents us from becoming an event-based server (and thus holding an unsustainable model) and shows we do not condone constant events.

And some guidelines:
  1. When in doubt, it is always safer to escalate an issue. Rather than being seen as weak, it will show team strength and applied common sense. If it's not in the rules, talk with someone else. If you are going to use the Golden Rule, TALK WITH ANOTHER STAFF MEMBER FIRST.
  2. Always be a player before you are staff. When possible, try every trick you can to de-escalate an issue. Shows of strength (muting the entire server, friendly locking many people at once) often only further the gap we make every attempt to fill between player and staff.
  3. Apply the minimal amount of punishment necessary to receive the maximum effect.
  4. Be vocal in our community! Wear your tags with pride (if you want) because you are part of the next generation of communities!

This is what I have so far, what are your thoughts?

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